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Cartoon Network will livestream virtual 'Minecraft' convention

You'll be able to watch Minecon Earth on Cartoon Network's YouTube channel.

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It's almost time for Minecon -- an annual convention exclusively for Minecraft -- and like last year, you can watch the whole event from the comfort of your living room. Cartoon Network will broadcast the 90-minute event on its YouTube channel (which is sadly geoblocked) on September 29th, Saturday, starting at at 11:30 AM ET. The livestream will feature pre- and post-show programming, community panels, costume contests, live gameplay, the latest about the game and more. According to Variety, the livestream will also show merchandise you can purchase from home.

Minecon started as MinecraftCon in 2010, way before Microsoft purchased the title. In 2017, Microsoft started hosting an interactive livestream dubbed "Minecon Earth." If you miss the broadcast on Saturday, don't worry: Cartoon Network will show a "Minecon Earth Remix" recap episode featuring highlights from the event, along with new tidbits not shown during the original stream, on October 8th at 6:45 PM ET/PT on YouTube.

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