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Twitter brings a data-saving feature to its main mobile app

You don't need another app to reduce your bandwidth use.

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To date, invoking Twitter's data-saving mode on your phone has meant either installing Twitter Lite or relying on the mobile web version. You won't have to make that compromise from now on, as Twitter has introduced a data saver option to its Android and iOS apps. Toggle the feature in your Data Usage settings and it will both lower image quality as well as disable autoplay for videos. You can choose to load higher-quality pictures in those moments when you have data to spare.

The update also brings better group chat management, better ad labels and voice accessibility improvements for polls.

You can grab the updated app right away, although it may take a while to see all the new features. This doesn't render Twitter Lite useless, of course. It still has a reduced overall footprint, and it's ultimately the better choice if you have to worry about every last megabyte. The main app's data saver is mainly useful if you only sometimes deal with slow connections, or just don't want to waste time loading someone's viral video while you're scrolling through your timeline.

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