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'The Stanley Parable' rewards you for not playing in five years

“But as sunlight streamed into the chamber, he realized none of this mattered to him.”
Imad Khan, @imad
10.17.18 in Gadgetry

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The Stanley Parable

If you played The Stanley Parable when it came out on October 17th, 2013, and haven't picked it up since, you have just unlocked a brand new achievement. Today is the first day -- five years after the launch of the game -- that the "Go Outside" achievement is attainable.

Obviously, if you played it at a later date, you still have to wait before you can unlock this achievement. But don't be antsy and accidentally turn on the game, because then you'll have to wait another five years for a chance at unlocking it.

If you do have an itch to play The Stanley Parable again, you can always watch some hilarious mash-ups, like this P.T. one YouTube channel It's a Mirage did a few years back. And Vesio Productions created a Stanley Parable short film two years ago that's worth checking out.

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