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Apple iPhone XR pre-orders are now open

It will set you back at least $749.

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Apple opened pre-orders for its more expensive iPhone models shortly after they were announced, leaving the more affordable iPhone XR out of the lineup. Now, you can finally pre-order an iPhone XR if you can't stomach paying a grand for a phone or if you prefer its more colorful options. The device will set you back at least $37.41 per month with the iPhone Upgrade Program, or $749 if you're paying in full, for the 64GB version.

The 128GB version will cost you $50 more, while the 256GB one will set you back $900. Prices could vary a bit depending on which carrier you choose -- it's available on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon -- though you could also buy one unlocked and just activate it later. The phone will ship starting on October 26th. If you still haven't decided whether to get an iPhone XS an XS Max or an XR, make sure to check out our comparison post that shows how the three options differ from each other.

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