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Apple now offers a USB-C Watch charger

Up until now, you could only buy a USB-A charger for the device.

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Chris Velazco/Engadget

The iPhone XR made its entrance today, but that's not the only new product available in the Apple Store. The company also introduced a USB-C charger for the Apple Watch. Up until now, the only official option for charging your Apple Watch was a USB-A cable, which made it difficult if you wanted to charge directly from your late 2016 and on MacBook Pro. If you're interested in picking up the cable, it will set you back the same as the USB-A Apple Watch one: $29.

Apple's port situation is admittedly a little bit of a mess. The company eliminated all ports except USB-C and a headphone jack on most of its MacBook Pro models in late 2016, putting all of us in dongle hell. However, its devices such as the iPhone and iPad still ship with USB-A cables (presumably because that's what the majority of people still use.) The introduction of a USB-C option for the Apple Watch owners is long overdue.

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