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Lenovo updates Smart Display with Google Home Hub features

The company is rolling out updates over the next few weeks.

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Nicole Lee / Engadget

Google isn't being stingy about its recently announced Home Hub features -- it's going to be available on all Assistant smart displays, regardless of manufacturer. But we assumed it would be awhile before we actually saw these features. However, the folks at 9to5Google noticed that Lenovo is rolling out multi-room audio, Live Albums from Google Photos, Nest Hello Doorbell, Home View and more to its Smart Display over the next few weeks.

Multi-room audio adds your display to a speaker group and allows you to play music throughout your home, while Live Albums will automatically pick your best photos and display them. You can see who's at the door without having to ask thanks to Nest Hello Doorbell, and the handy Home View allows you to see all your smart home devices at once. In addition to these features, Smart Display owners in both 8-inch and 10-inch sizes will be able to control many different media and entertainment devices, including certain televisions, set-top boxes, speakers, smart remotes and more via touch or voice.

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