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Indie roguelike 'Below' has a release date: December 14th

The game was announced along with the Xbox One in 2013.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
12.05.18 in Art

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Capybara Games

More than five years after its original reveal, Capybara Games is ready to deliver Below, a much-anticipated indie title. Engadget spoke to co-founder Nathan Vella a few months ago about the stresses of running a successful small game studio working on such a complex game. At the time, he said that: "Fear of letting people down, and the kind of trust that people have put in us, are the two biggest motivating factors."

Below throws gamers into procedurally-generated dungeons with a shield and weapon, and keeps the pressure up with permadeath. In a 2016 interview, creative director Kris Piotrowski said "The answer to 'What lies below?' is the main thing we're holding back." Now, the game is ready to ship on Xbox One and Steam, with a brief preview trailer teasing the adventures players have ahead of them.

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