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G Suite pincode verification gives non-Google users access to files

They don't even have to sign up for a Google account.
Jeenah Moon / Reuters

While a company can require its employees to create Google accounts for collaborative work, it can't always force clients to do the same thing. Especially if those clients still swear by Google's competitors, like Microsoft. Now, Mountain View is making it possible for anyone to access Docs, Sheets and Slides files even if they don't have a Google account and even if they refuse to make one -- perhaps as part of its efforts to entice people to sign up, as well. The tech giant has launched the beta version of a new pincode identity verification process that allows G Suite users to invite non-G-Suite ones to collaborate on a file.

The non-G-suite user simply has to request a pincode from within the email invite they get. That would issue them with a code that they can use to unlock the G Suite document, sheet or slide that they need to access.


Since it's still just a beta release, not everyone will be able to enjoy the feature. Organizations would need to sign up for it, since Google has to whitelist a non-G-suite domain for the feature to work. The company will most likely have to check the domain and make sure it's legit, as well, which is why Google doesn't guarantee that everyone that signs up will be able to participate. Those teaming up with classmates and colleagues who don't have Google accounts will have to convince them to sign up for now.

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