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Target's same-day delivery service will soon cover all 'major' products

Shipt could be decidedly more useful in 2019.

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Target's same-day delivery service, Shipt, is about to be much more useful if you'd prefer to shop from home. The company told TechCrunch that it's planning same-day shipping for "all major product categories" in 2019, not just certain groceries and a handful of other product categories. Shipt wouldn't say how many products would be covered or narrow down the time frame, but this suggests you could order clothes and get them in time for a night out.

Target is still expanding Shipt's availability at a rapid pace. It now reaches about 200 American markets in 46 states, and it expects to cover a wider area in 2019. Membership has roughly tripled since the acquisition in December 2017 according to Target.

A wider range of eligible products could go a long way toward helping Target compete against Amazon and other online shopping outlets. You wouldn't have to consider alternatives if Target could deliver whatever you wanted, after all. It could also eliminate some confusion for customers. As TC pointed out, it's currently hard to tell what qualifies for Shipt delivery. If the answer to that is "everything," you may be more likely to use Shipt instead of making a trip to the physical store or skipping Target entirely.

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