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Tesla's mobile app can remotely heat your seats

You can easily warm up your Tesla before driving.
Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

Tesla has rolled out an update for its mobile app that can ensure you're sliding into a warm and toasty car in this wintry weather. You can now use the app to remotely activate your electric vehicle's heated seats -- you only need to tap on that part of the car's virtual model within the application. If your EV has a heated steering wheel, you can use the app to activate it remotely, as well. It looks like you can even choose how hot you want the seats to be, so you don't accidentally turn your car into a sauna on wheels.

In addition to the remote heating feature, Tesla has also rolled out a new option that allows you to schedule a service appointment from within the application. You can set the date, time and location most convenient for you, as well as give Tesla an idea of what your service request is about. Take note that some days may not be available, because they're already fully booked or some other reason. Both features are now out with version 3.8.0 of Tesla's mobile app, though you'll also have to update your vehicle's software if you want to switch on your heated seats from afar.

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