Food tracking comes to Google Assistant with Lifesum

You can log eating habits using your voice.

You no longer have to pull out your phone (or look at your watch) to track your dietary habits. Lifesum has introduced what it says is the first food tracking app for Google Assistant, making it easier to keep tabs on your eating patterns. If you ate a large meal or grabbed a glass of water, you just have to use your voice to add that to your log. You can also update your body weight, tackle challenges (such as hiding sugary food in your kitchen) and ask for updates on your progress.

This won't fit everyone. Lifesum personalizes meal sizes based on your goals, but it's not very specific beyond that. You'll have to look elsewhere if you want to specify whether you had a kale salad or fettuccine alfredo. Voice control also won't help much if you're in a noisy restaurant. Still, this might help if you want to log dinner while you're busy cleaning up in the kitchen.