Pandora iOS update adds offline playback for Apple Watch

Only paying subscribers can access the feature, though.

Pandora just became more commute friendly for Apple Watch users. The music streaming service has updated its iOS app and added offline playback for the wearable, apparently due to popular demand. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to access the new feature without the need for a phone, since it's exclusively available to paying customers. They'll have to be a Pandora Plus (for $5 a month) or Premium (for $10 a month) subscriber to be able enjoy offline content on the Watch. In addition, they'll have to upgrade to watchOS 5 to be able to install the update.

When Spotify debuted its Apple Watch app, it promised offline access -- something a lot of people are still waiting for. Apple Music will likely still likely be the best choice due to its tight integration with the hardware, but we'll bet Pandora (and, in the future, Spotify) subscribers are thankful for having the option to listen to their music offline while on the go.