Netatmo unveils the first HomeKit-friendly video doorbell

Siri can show you who's at the door.

Apple's HomeKit doesn't have a wide range of device support, but that's changing very shortly. Netatmo has unveiled the Smart Video Doorbell, which it says is the first doorbell to support HomeKit. You can view it through the Home app, or ask Siri to show you the doorbell when someone's waiting outside. And yes, it'll integrate nicely with your other devices -- you can turn on the porch lights the moment the device spots someone at the front door.

You don't need an Apple-made device to control it, of course (there are also Android and web apps, not to mention IFTTT support). You also don't need to be home, or to pay for a subscription -- the doorbell saves video calls to a microSD card and can send them directly to Dropbox, or even an FTP server if you're so inclined. The camera itself is a 1080p, 160-degree shooter with a high dynamic range feature that should keep guests visible when the sun is at their back.

Netatmo hasn't provided pricing, but there's a reason: the Smart Video Doorbell won't be available until sometime in the second half of 2019. Still, you might want to set aside some money for it if you live in an Apple-centric house and want some extra convenience and security.