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I want a wireless charging pocket in my next bag

...and Targus made my dream a $200 reality.

Look, it's hard to get excited about a backpack. But, I have to admit, the Targus Mobile ViP+ Backpack is actually pretty damn cool. Most importantly, it's a solid feeling bag with plenty of padding where it's needed most and tons of storage space. But it's also got a few pretty unique features. The most obvious is the zip up pocket on the side that hides a Qi wireless charging dock. There's rails to keep your phone from moving about too much, and even ventilation to prevent overheating. The whole thing connects to an easily removable and rechargeable 5,000 mAh battery pack.

There's also a small RFID-blocking pocked inside. If you're paranoid about someone remotely skimming your credit card, you can just toss your wallet in there. It can even save you from your own clumsiness, thanks to the sling laptop holster, that helps protect your computer from minor drops by suspending it off the bottom of the bag.

There's not a whole lot more tech hiding inside, but it's got some neat tricks up it's sleeve. The bottom pocket has a water proof liner. But it can also be collapsed with the push of some Velcro to add more space to the main compartment. And there's a sternum strap -- which is essential if you're lugging even a remotely heavy load -- that stashes away in tiny pockets on the strap.

All of this luxury does not come cheap though. The Mobile ViP+ will cost $200 when it goes on sale in April.