Byton adds an additional touchscreen to its upcoming SUV

When in doubt, add more touchscreens.

Concept cars always undergo changes before they become production vehicles. Maybe the styling is adjusted or a crazy pie-in-the-sky tech feature is removed. Even the yet-to-be-produced wares of automotive startups end up with something being adjusted, removed or added. At CES 2018, Byton showed off its first vehicle, the pure-electric M-Byte. In a change from last year, the SUV's 40-inch "Shared Experience" display is getting another, smaller sidekick.

In addition to the dashboard-long super screen and the tablet that sits on the steering wheel, the M-Byte is getting an eight-inch display in the center console. This new touchscreen will let the driver and passenger control the giant 40-inch display. That's in addition to voice and gesture controls that Byton announced last year at CES.

No matter how it plays out, Byton says the production-ready M-Byte will be unveiled in June of this year. The first cars will go on sale in China at the end of 2019 with US and European sales happening in 2020.

Byton M-Byte