Samsung updates Family Hub smart fridge with new UI

The company says it can also tackle users’ difficult questions.

Samsung is adding more features to its Family Hub smart refrigerator, and the company claims its latest version is more intelligent than any other. Family Hub 2019 includes a redesigned screen experience and Samsung says users will be able to ask difficult questions in natural language. Answers are powered by Bixby and the assistant will also let Family Hub users preset the oven, search for recipes and call an Uber through voice control. Bixby will also display relevant information on the Family Hub screen.

Samsung debuted its first Family Hub fridge in 2016 and it was able to keep track of groceries, let users buy items through its touchscreen display, help users keep tabs on their schedules and control other smart devices. In 2017, Samsung updated the Family Hub OS, which allowed all family members to have their own profiles and offered users voice control. And last year, the company introduced Bixby voice control to its Family Hub 3.0 refrigerator and integrated it into its SmartThings ecosystem. However, last year at CES, while we found Samsung's latest Family Hub refrigerator to have some pretty excellent sound quality, its Bixby control left much to be desired.

Samsung says the new updates will be available on most earlier Family Hub models as well and they'll be introduced through an automatic update.