Samsung's latest smart fridge has cameras and a huge display

See your food without the hassle of opening the refrigerator door.

One of the highlights of CES is always the wacky new appliance tech (and associated bickering) from Samsung and LG. This year looks to be no exception thanks to a new "Family Hub" refrigerator from Samsung. The imposing-looking model is equipped with a 21.5-inch, 1080p monitor and cameras inside so that you can watch your mayonnaise go bad in real time. You can even check the contents remotely via a smartphone app to see what's in there while you're shopping, in case you forgot whether you need that jar of sweet pickles or not.

The fridge will let you know when you need to buy certain foods, tell you if they're on sale and even let you order them, at least in Korea. The screen, of course, displays web pages, recipes and more. You can micro-manage your family's food intake through the smartphone app and leave notes and messages on the screen, while a pair of door-mounted speakers lets you chill (sorry) with your favorite radio station. Finally, the whole thing functions as a hub to control connected objects from SmartThings and other companies. Samsung hasn't said when it's coming or for how much, but it'll no doubt launch in Korea well before it ever comes here. We'll chase it down and have more hands-on info later in the week.