Soma's smart bra means never buying the wrong size again

Soma heard you like bras.

Soma is bringing Bluetooth to the bra world. The Somainnofit bra is designed to help women determine their actual bra size, simply by slipping it on. It's a black, sports-bra-style garment with four sewn-in strips running horizontally across the fabric and a bright red line along the cup line, measuring a woman's bust in the necessary locations for a fitting. The strips meet in the back of the bra, at an orange rectangle equipped with Bluetooth and a measurement sensor.

The bra connects to an app that spits out the wearer's "accurate" bra size -- and a lineup of Soma bras that come in that size, of course. Somainnofit will be available on Soma's website starting January 8th and in stores on January 23rd. It's launching with a sale price of $25, plus a $25 credit toward a new Soma bra, but it'll regularly cost $60.

Somainnofit is a high-tech solution to a problem that's normally solved with a single strip of measuring tape. However, Soma President Mary van Praag claims that solution isn't cutting it for most women. She says 75 to 80 percent of women are wearing bras in the inaccurate size.

"Given the fact that so many women are wearing the wrong size bra, and so many women will tell you they're just not comfortable or they don't feel like they've found the bra that actually works for them, that there is a need for a better solution," van Praag told Engadget at CES. "And technology is the answer to a lot of things that we didn't think needed technology."

Somainnofit isn't a single-use product. Women can keep it on-hand for weight changes or pregnancy, and continue to update their bra inventories as time passes. It's also shareable -- anyone who downloads the free app can create a personal profile and get fitted by Somainnofit. The battery pack supports roughly 200 readings before it dies for good.

This is a bra designed to help women buy more bras -- more comfortable bras, yes, but mostly more Soma bras.