Technics latest SL-1200 is built for DJs

But its SACD network player and other turntable are for audiophiles.

It's only been a few years since Panasonic revived the Technics brand, but at CES 2019 it's slapping the name on several new devices. Those include a pair of new turntable setups, with the SL-1200MK7 apparently intended for self-styled DJs with a few new updates. Apparently the first new standard DJ turntable released in nine years, the MK7 has a reverse play function so you can hear any secretly encoded messages, coreless direct drive, improved tracking performance and a new stylus illuminator.


The other new turntable is the SL-1500C, which also features that coreless direct drive, but is intended for home vinyl enthusiasts, and comes with an Ortofon 2M RED cartridge so it's ready to play records right out of the box. For audiophiles who have moved into the digital age, the SL-G700 Network / Super Audio CD Player combines that physical format with streaming. Bluetooth, WiFi, Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast / Google Assistant are all supported, as well as services like Spotify, TIDAL, and Internet Radio.

Technics SL-G700

Finally, Technics is also putting its name on a pair of new wireless headphones. These aren't the classic DJ cans of days past, as the EAH-F70N and EAH-F50B support LDAC/apt-X HD and include high quality components for accurate sound reproduction. The EAH-F70N adds a wearing sensor that stops playback when you take them off, an ambient sound enhancer that allows the wearer to hear outside sounds just by touching the outside and hybrid active noise cancelling.

Technics F70N wireless headphones

We didn't spot prices or release dates for any of these items, but Technics fans should enjoy seeing the brand going strong into the new year.