The Vive Pro Eye adds eyeball-tracking to HTC's VR headset line

Foveated rendering, baby.

Nicole Lee / Engadget

The Vive Pro Eye is the next evolution of HTC's virtual reality headset line, and its shiniest new feature is integrated eye-tracking. HTC America General Manager Dan O'Brien revealed the Vive Pro Eye at CES, explaining how built-in eye-tracking can benefit industries from auto technology to fitness and gaming.

Integrated eye-tracking enables foveated rendering, a technique that creates sharper, more realistic images by blurring the scenery around the user's gaze. This means there's less power being spent on things that users aren't actually looking at.

Integrated eye-tracking removes the need for controllers in certain scenarios, such as menu navigation, according to HTC.

Last year at CES, HTC revealed the Vive Pro and the Wireless Adapter that turned that headset into a standalone device.