Razer integrates Alexa with its color-changing PC hardware

Alexa, light up my mouse and keyboard.

Razer is about to make it considerably easier to control your RGB-lit gaming rig. The company has unveiled plans to introduce Amazon Alexa control through its Synapse 3 software, letting you voice control devices that support its Chroma Connected Devices Program through Razer headsets and microphones. That includes legions of Razer's own mice, keyboards and audio devices, but it also includes PC cases, cooling fans, motherboards and other peripherals. Want to turn your setup blood red for a round of Doom? You'd just have to ask Alexa to change your lighting profile.

It's not limited to just lighting. You can ask it to change your mouse sensitivity, tweak your audio settings or launch games. Synapse 3 is more of a gateway for devices that otherwise wouldn't have support for AI helpers.

Razer expects support to reach the US and Canada sometime in the second quarter of the year, with other countries receiving support before 2019 is over. While it's not the most vital Alexa integration we've seen (even Kohler's faucet is arguably more important), it's certainly one of the more convenient -- it turns elaborate software features into simple spoken commands.