Whirlpool's smart oven identifies your food and cooks it perfectly

It has food identification tech that'll match a cooking algorithm to the ingredient.
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|01.08.19

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Nicole Lee
January 8, 2019 8:05 AM
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Whirlpool has already made a slew of announcements here at CES, but it's not quite done yet. Today, the appliance giant is unveiling its first-ever smart countertop oven, courtesy of W Labs, its innovation incubator. Something of a June competitor, the Whirlpool Smart Countertop Oven is able to identify foods and then choose the appropriate temperatures and algorithms to cook them to perfection.

There's a camera inside so you can monitor what's going on with a companion app, a smart food thermometer, and of course cooking status notifications as well. It even has a scan-to-cook tech that will be incorporated into select frozen foods. Last but not least, it also has voice activation courtesy of Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa, so you can just command it to set the timer or change the temperature.

Along with this new oven, Whirlpool is also officially announcing Yummly Pro, a more premium level of its existing Yummly cooking platform. The pro version essentially provides step-by-step video instructions from celebrity chefs, such as Carla Hall, Richard Blais and Jet Tila. It's not clear yet, however, how much more the Pro-level access will cost.

The aforementioned countertop oven will have access to the Yummly app as well. Right now, it's available with an MSRP of $799, which is about $200 more than the June. We're not quite sure it measures up to its price, but if you want to try it out yourself, it will be available for preorder in limited quantities soon.

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Update: Whirlpool tells us the oven is limited-edition, and W Labs only created 2,000 of them. You can preorder one here.

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Whirlpool's smart oven identifies your food and cooks it perfectly