Mercedes and NVIDIA team up to build next-gen AI vehicles

The announcement builds on existing collaboration.

From modular vans to autonomous cars -- and, as recently revealed at CES, gesture-based controls -- Mercedes has some big ambitions for the next generation of its vehicles. Now, it's announced that AI company NVIDIA will be the team to help it achieve them.

Speaking to the audience at the Mercedes-Benz booth at this year's CES, Mercedes-Benz Executive Vice President Sajjad Khan and NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang unveiled their vision for the next-generation of AI vehicles. "We're announcing a new partnership going forward, creating a computer that defines the future of autonomous vehicles, the future of AI and the future of mobility," said Huang.

This isn't the first time the two companies have worked together, though -- this partnership builds on longstanding, existing collaboration, and NVIDIA has already been helping Mercedes' parent company Daimler develop the self-driving taxis it hopes to have on the roads within five years.

Khan was keen to distinguish this new partnership from previous efforts, though. The pair used the platform to describe "defined software" for a single system providing self-driving capabilities that would replace dozens of smaller processors inside current cars. "We are working on a totally other different technology together with NVIDIA to use AI in our products to lead the way in today's megatrends," Khan said.