Netflix’s ‘Fyre’ shows how fraud built and doomed Fyre Festival

It debuts on Netflix January 18th.

Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming Fyre Festival documentary, and it recaps both how hype around the event was built as well as how it all came crashing down. A good portion of the trailer also focuses on Billy McFarland, the Fyre Festival co-founder who has now been convicted of fraud and sentenced to six years in prison. Through a number of interviews, Fyre reveals how McFarland continued to pull in investors while falsely promising that profits were to be had.

The documentary also gives a look at the festival itself, with videos taken on the island showing piles of mattresses getting soaked in the rain, shocked attendees seeing the event for the first time and people describing the experience as a "free-for-all." "Powerful models built this festival and then one picture of cheese on toast ripped down the festival," said one person interviewed.

Fyre debuts on Netflix January 18th.