Samsung dives into 8K, MicroLEDs and more at CES

Our TV screens are only going to get bigger.

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As we expected, 8K TVs were a huge topic at CES this year. Samsung already showed off its 8K QLED at IFA, but at CES we got a glimpse at the shipping models, including the huge 98-inch Q900R. It's cool tech, but there won't be any true 8K content for a while. Samsung's Scott Cohen explains why he thinks the company's AI upscaling could help give consumers a reason to go 8K. Additionally, the company showed off its latest MicroLED sets at CES, which includes a sensible 75-inch version and an enormous 219-inch set. As Cohen explains, that tech could give consumers more flexibility to deploy large screens. And honestly, it seems a lot more useful than 8K at the moment.

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