CBS Super Bowl coverage features augmented reality and 8K

It promises dramatic close-ups, even for what's happening in the end zone.

CBS has big, high-tech plans for its Super Bowl LIII coverage this February. To start with, it's using 14 cameras, including aerial systems, to create live virtual graphic elements designed to blend into the background. The network promises to show you those AR graphics up close and from various angles -- even if you're just watching on TV -- by using wireless handheld cameras that can track them on the field.

In addition to capturing AR graphics in "never–before-­seen field level views," CBS will also use multiple 8k cameras to be able to provide dramatic close-ups of everything happening on the field. And, yes, that includes detailed action from the end zone. CBS says it's the first time a network in the US will use 8k technology that way, though it will be supported by 16 4k cameras for additional live angles. Hopefully, you'll be able to enjoy all these new elements however you choose the watch Super Bowl this year -- back in September, CBS announced that it's making the game available for mobile streaming without the need to sign in.