Apple has its own smart battery cases for iPhone XS and XR

And this time, there's no odd lump.

Yes, the rumors and leaks were true -- Apple has a new battery case after a lengthy absence, and it appears to have learned a few lessons in the process. The Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR extends your handset's battery to as much as 39 hours of talk time (on the XR), but avoids the ungainly lump from the iPhone 6/6s case that launched in 2015. Instead, there's a more graceful (if still bulky) slope. It supports wireless charging, too, so you don't have to plug in just because you want extra runtime.

Like the earlier model, the "Smart" portion comes mostly from its integration with iOS. As long as the case is plugged in, you'll see its battery status on both your lock screen and in the Notification Center. You still have a Lightning port free for either wired charging (including fast charging if you have the right USB-C gear) or accessories like headphones.

The case is available in black and white hues and costs $129 regardless of whichever iPhone you use. While that's not a trivial price, it might be justifiable if you need extra juice and want the perks that come with an official solution.