Sony is replacing its awful camera photo transfer app

"Imaging Edge" does background image transfers for easier Instagramming.

Sony Imaging

Many photographers use a DSLR or mirrorless camera to win on Instagram, but let's face it, camera-to-smartphone transfer apps are generally lousy. Sony has acknowledged as much with the release of Imaging Edge, a new transfer app that replaces the PlayMemories, announced alongside its new A6400 mirrorless camera.

The app offers easier pairing and "instant" image transfers to your smartphone. There's a new background transfer to smartphone feature that lets you shoot away and store images on your phone without lifting a finger. If you take a lot of photos, it even offers voice input for text captions that can sync between multiple devices. That'll make things easier to sort or find afterwards, especially for pros.

Sony is also updating the desktop version of Imaging Edge with support for time-lapse movie creation to better support new interval recording features on the A7, A9, A6400 and other cameras. The new Imaging Edge app will arrive in March, while the desktop version is coming by the end of January.

Sony Imaging edge app