YouTube TV covers all of the US

Conveniently in time for a certain large sporting match.

YouTube TV has come a long, long way from when you could only use it in a handful of cities. As of January 23rd, the streaming service is effectively available nationwide thanks to an expansion to 95 additional markets. It technically reaches 'just' 98 percent of Americans right now, but will reach the remaining portion "shortly thereafter." This helps YouTube TV's local coverage too -- more than 90 percent of its markets now have local affiliates from the top four broadcasters.

The company is well aware of the timing. This comes just a couple of weeks before Super Bowl LIII, right when some cord-cutters might be looking at TV service to get live coverage for the Rams-versus-Patriots showdown. YouTube knows you might explore options like DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue and Sling TV, and it wants to be included in the conversation regardless of where you live. Your choice will still depend heavily on the channel mix you want and the devices you use -- it's just that location is no longer a deciding factor.