BleemSync is back to put a SNES in your Playstation Classic

The modding tool's official release should make it easier to use.

Sony's PlayStation Classic is essentially an emulator in a mini PS1 shell. Of course, that means you can overcome its shortcomings (chiefly its lack of great games) by using hidden settings and hacks -- albeit at at your own risk. Which is where BleemSync, the go-to modding solution for the PS Classic, comes in. Though it's been around for a minute, BleemSync has now launched its official build, which should make it easier to use. With it you can add your own games to the retro console, run other console emulators (including the NES, SNES, GameBoy Advance, Genesis and the PSP) and get more save states, among other features.

It's important to note that this version of BleemSync is still a public beta, with all the kinks that entails. In a Reddit post, the BleemSync team claims that it's still encountering issues with the power limiter. As a result, they advise waiting for build 1.1 if you can.

"Throughout testing we found that 95% of the issues (that weren't bugs) was down to incompatible USB drives or drives hitting the 100ma limit and cutting out," reads the post by Swingflip. "Whilst this can be solved using an older USB2.0 or powered USB hub, mileage might vary depending on what hardware you are using."