Moog's Sirin is an analog bass synth capable of soaring leads

The limited-edition instrument is on sale now for $599.

Moog's DFAM percussion and Mother-32 semi-modular synthesizers are Eurorack-friendly instruments that can expand your sonic tool kit for around $600. As part of a week-long "House of Electronicus" event in LA, the company is debuting another $599 analog synth: the Sirin. This new instrument is based on Moog's Taurus Bass sound engine, but a pair of oscillators have been tweaked to achieve pitches way above middle C, hitting notes up to D8. In other words, this bass synth can do a lot more than just lay down some angry low-end tone, it can also produce soaring leads.

A 4-pole ladder filter is at work here alongside two ADSR envelopes and a multi-wave LFO for a wide range of sounds. A retro-styled front panel offers knobs for each function plus a glide feature with selectable options. You can easily connect a MIDI device over USB to play notes and you'll have the ability to save up to 128 presets. The Sirin also comes with free editor software so you can futz with all the parameters on your computer -- again, thanks to USB connectivity.

If the idea of a somewhat affordable Moog synth grabs your attention, you'll want to act fast. The company says only 2,500 units will be produced in its North Carolina factory, and after that the Sirin will retire for good.