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PUBG's new tool will show you kills caught on Twitch streams

It only supports streams for PC players for now.

There's a huge number of PUBG streamers out there, so if you want to know if your kills have been broadcast on Twitch, you'll need something to help you out. Like PUBG Report: the online multiplayer game's new tool that gives you a way to search for Twitch streamers that either killed or were killed by that player. All you need to do is look for someone's username on the website to see a list of kills they were involved with that had been streamed on the video platform. And yes, you'll be able to click on the results to watch them -- the videos even begin right before the kill.


While it could be amusing to find out that you owned a famous streamer, the tool could be a double-edged sword. Players could use the website for stream sniping -- targeting specific streamers to, say, make a fool out of them -- especially since it shows broadcasts right as they're happening. To be fair, PUBG Report is far from the first search tool for streams, but it's the first one the game developers themselves have endorsed.

At the moment, the tool only supports Twitch streams for PC players, though it will soon add support for console players and Mixer streams. In the future, its homepage will also feature a collection of highlight clips showing impressive achievements, such as the longest kill caught on stream.