Twitter's Jack Dorsey explains how editing tweets might work

You might also see the original.

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has mused about letting people edit tweets in the past, but now he's providing an inkling of how it might work. In a conversation with Joe Rogan, Dorsey suggested that Twitter could introduce a short time window where you can tweak a post before it's set in stone. He floated a "5-second to 30-second delay" as an example, and hinted that Twitter might be "dynamic" depending on the context. He wouldn't want this to last too long, though, as it would rob posts of their "real-time nature."

He also confirmed to Rogan that Twitter was "looking at" an ability to see the original tweet. Harassers couldn't get away with posting abusive content and promptly editing it before people beyond the victim could see it.

There's nothing definitive in the works, and no guarantee Twitter will allow editing in the first place. This does provide insight into Twitter's thinking, though. It's also an acknowledgment that the company needs to tread carefully. Just as with the switch to a 280-character limit, it knows there could be unforeseen consequences. A cautious approach could minimize the chances for abuse and give Twitter an opportunity to tweak its formula before edits became widely available.