Apple sells refurb iPhone X models starting at $769

It's the most affordable way to get an iPhone with OLED and dual cameras.

If you're an iPhone fan who wants a dual camera and OLED display but would rather not spend a grand or more on an iPhone XS, you're in luck -- at least, for now. Apple has started selling refurbished iPhone X units for the first time, starting at $769 (£769) for 64GB of storage and $899 (£899) for its 256GB counterpart. We wouldn't count on stock lasting forever, but the X stands a better chance of sticking around than clearance iPhone SE models did in January.

Whether or not it's worthwhile versus the comparably-priced iPhone XR is a tougher call. You do get those dual rear cameras and a higher-resolution OLED screen, but you're also foregoing the XR's faster processor, Smart HDR photography and lengthier battery life. So long as you can live with those compromises, though, you're still getting a reasonably powerful handset.