Samsung ends its sketchy Supreme collaboration

Supreme Italia isn't for hypebeasts.

Those dreams of a Samsung phone with some Supreme livery will remain just that. Samsung China, in an oddly-timed Sunday post on Weibo, is terminating its team-up with Supreme Italia. Yes, we're sure you're on Weibo only occasionally (so many social networks, so little time) so with help from Engadget Chinese, we've translated Samsung's statement:

"Samsung Electronics had previously mentioned a collaboration with Supreme Italia at the Galaxy A8s China launch event on December 10th, Samsung Electronics has now decided to terminate this collaboration."

It's, well, not shocking. The initial reaction to the collaboration was immediate skepticism and controversy. Following the December event, Samsung China's Leo Lau, responded online to clarify that "..the brand we are collaborating with is Supreme Italia, not Supreme US." He's since deleted that post.

Supreme NYC (the one you actually want) doesn't have the authorization to sell and market in China. And that's where Supreme Italia snuck in.

This "legal fake" in Italy manages to exist through a bunch of intellectual property law loopholes, and has license to sell its unofficial wares in China -- where Samsung is making a killing at the moment. By mid-December, the phone maker was already reconsidering its move, one that would have likely tarnished its premium brand. The truth is; some earnest (if duped) Supreme addicts would have likely paid plenty for the collaboration's wares.