DOJ report finds foreign meddling had no impact on midterm elections

Unfortunately, the actual details are under wraps.

If attempts at election meddling had any tangible effect on the US midterms, you won't hear about it from some officials. The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security have submitted a joint report to President Trump saying there was no evidence a foreign government or agency had a "material impact" on the infrastructures of the 2018 vote, including campaigns and political bodies. The actual conclusions are classified, but they're consistent with what the government said after the elections, the Justice Department said.

The report came in response to an Executive Order from September that would institute sanctions in the event of foreign interference in an election.

The DOJ maintained that the results would "help drive future efforts" to protect against outside meddling. Just who will address the issue is another story. President Trump hasn't always acknowledged Russian cyberattacks, for instance. The report could help coordinate intelligence agencies and law enforcement, but it may not lead to major policy changes.