Even the YouTube CEO's kids thought that Rewind video was 'cringey'

Susan Wojcicki laid out her priorities for the year ahead in her latest creator letter.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has published some thoughts about the year ahead for the platform. But as well as looking forward, she took a little time to reflect on recent events, including the Rewind 2018 debacle. The widely derided recap of YouTube's year is the site's most-disliked video with almost 16 million thumbs down ratings, and even Wojcicki's own kids thought it stunk.

"[One] record we definitely didn't set out to break was the most disliked video on the Internet," she wrote in her latest letter to creators, "Even at home, my kids told me our 2018 Rewind was 'cringey.' We hear you that it didn't accurately show the year's key moments, nor did it reflect the YouTube you know. We'll do better to tell our story in 2019."

Wojcicki said she has three priorities for this year: "supporting creator and artist success; improving communication and engagement; and living up to our responsibility." To that end, one of YouTube's goals for this year is improving monetization for both advertisers and creators. Meanwhile, Wojcicki revealed that YouTube Studio will be available to all creators this year, and noted YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are both now available in 29 countries.