Lyft adds the option to request EVs or hybrids

It plans to add thousands more electric vehicles to its network this year.

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After committing last year to making rides and the company itself totally carbon neutral, Lyft plans to add thousands more electric vehicles to its network in 2019. What's more, you can specifically request an EV or hybrid when hailing a ride through the new green mode.

Lyft is rolling out the option in Seattle starting today before expanding it to other cities. Rides in EVs and hybrids won't cost you any more than in gas-powered cars -- EVs will help drivers slash their fuel expenses, after all.

Meanwhile, drivers who don't have an EV or hybrid may be able to rent one from Lyft through the expanded Express Drive program (in which electric cars such as the Chevrolet Volt are already available). Unlimited charging is rolled into the weekly rental rate, at least to begin with.

Updated 6/2/19 4:07 PM ET: Updated to clarify details on availability and unlimited charging.

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