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Toyota adds Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its trucks and SUVs

Talk to your phone while you're on the trail.

Toyota dragged its heels on smartphone integration for years, but it's making up for that in style. The automaker is introducing Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support to its 2020 trucks and SUVs, including the Tacoma (above), Tundra, 4Runner and Sequoia. Yes, you too can navigate with Google Maps or stream Apple Music while you're off-roading. They also support Alexa in case you'd like to bark commands to Amazon's voice assistant.

The brand hasn't said when these 2020 models will hit dealerships, and also hasn't announced pricing. However, it is throwing a bone to fans of its smaller cars. Android Auto now works with 2018 and newer model years of the Aygo city car as well as European versions of the 2019 Yaris. All told, you can generally assume that Toyota vehicles have some kind of phone connectivity built-in -- a distinct improvement over what you saw just a year ago.