Google experiments with dark mode for Chrome on phones

An early version of the browser's dark UI has rolled out with Chrome 73 beta for Android.

It took Google quite some time to get on board with the idea of adding a dark mode to its apps and platforms, but it's definitely looking like the tech giant has gone all in. 9to5Google has discovered that Chrome 73 beta for Android comes with a night theme, a few days after it reported that Google is working on a dark UI for Chrome on Mac and Windows.

The night theme for the experimental mobile browser is still in its very, very early stages. In fact, you'll only know that it exists when you long press on a link or on an image, and only if Android Pie's Dark Mode setting under Developer Options is set to Always On. Further, even the panels that already come in dark gray still need some work -- some of their text is still in black.

While there's no guarantee that the feature will make it past beta, there's a very good chance that we'll see it at some point. Dark mode is an oft- and long-requested feature for Android, since it's easier on the eyes and could even extend battery life. As 9to5Google noted, we'll likely see more elements, including the browser's other menus, dyed a darker color in the future.


Image: 9to5Google