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The Morning After: Amazon walks away from HQ2

And it's time for the Toy Fair to start.

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sborisov via Getty Images
sborisov via Getty Images

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

The Toy Fair is about to start, and we have some items from Hot Wheels and Lego that will make being born post-Xbox seem more appealing. Also, Amazon is pulling the plug on HQ2 and Neill Blomkamp's Anthem prequel short is ready for streaming.

DIYHot Wheels' new TechMods are remote-control cars you build yourself

This year Hot Wheels is finally giving budding gearheads some love with its new TechMods set, an app-controlled vehicle you build yourself and control with your phone. It's not the same as tinkering under a hood, but it is actually fun to put together. Hot Wheels is releasing the kit for $50 via Indiegogo first, with the pre-order page live today and shipments going out in June.

Epic knows you don't need those other battle-royale shooters.'Fortnite' players can get the next Battle Pass for free

In the space of two weeks, Respawn's Apex Legends has amassed 25 million players and become streamers' battle royale of choice. Epic Games knows it has a fight on its hands and has begun employing the clever tactic of giving away stuff for free to keep its player base loyal. As part of the Fortnite v7.40 update, Epic Games has told players that if they're willing to complete 13 Overtime challenges, they'll get the Season 8 Battle Pass for free.

It's like a Lego movie except in your house.Lego's newest playsets are haunted by AR

Kids can construct Lego's Hidden Side sets and bring them to life using their phones, with a continuing narrative to keep them coming back for more.

Take that.Amazon won't build its HQ2 in NYC after all

For the time being, Amazon doesn't plan to "re-open the HQ2 search" and will continue to expand existing offices and tech hubs, grow its existing 5,000+ workforce in New York City and maintain focus on the Arlington and Nashville facilities.

What's next for Nintendo?The 'Link's Awakening' remake could be the start of something special

Nate Ingraham is hoping that Nintendo continues looking for more under-the-radar options to give the Link's Awakening treatment. How about another Game Boy title like Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins?

This is a preview of Audi's third EV.Audi teases its all-electric Q4 concept car

Ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Audi has shown off a series of concept designs for the Q4 e-tron, a compact SUV. According to a terse statement, the concept "provides a glimpse of the next stage of Audi electric mobility."

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