The S10 has a Bixby button, but it can be remapped to open any app

Make it a Bumble button, Boomerang button or Babbel button. Or Bixby. Sure.

Samsung's newest, shiniest phones, the Galaxy S10 line, come with a Bixby button just like the company's previous devices, but this time around, there's a twist: The key is completely customizable. S10 owners can remap the Bixby button to open any app with a single or double press, according to The Verge.

Even if you map the Bixby button to a third-party app, holding it down will always open Samsung's virtual assistant. See? Compromise is possible in 2019, after all.

Previous Galaxy phones have included a dedicated Bixby button in the same spot, just under the volume controls on the left side of the phone, and it's been a cumbersome stumbling block for many users. Bixby hasn't been able compete with competitors' AI assistants, so plenty of folks simply don't use it, rendering the key useless at best, and annoying at worst.

Samsung is working on improving Bixby's reputation and performance. The company today announced Bixby Routines, an upgrade that allows the assistant's AI to track your habits and predict apps or settings you'll need. Plus, the latest Bixby software will be integrated into a slew of Samsung products, including tablets, refrigerators and its 2019 QLED TVs.