Xiaomi made its own version of the Google Home Hub

It can control Xiaomi's smart home devices.

At the Mi 9 launch event in China, Xiaomi has revealed that it's working on a smart home hub -- one with looks that might conjure up images of the Lenovo Smart Clock and the Google Home Hub. It's called the Xiao Ai Touchscreen Speaker Box, and while details are scant at the moment, the electronics maker dropped some details about it. Unfortunately, it's still not clear if it has Google Assistant and if it uses the same software as Google's and Lenovo's devices. But it has the power to control Xiaomi's smart products, including ACs, air purifier, lights, cameras and door bell monitors, using touch or voice commands.

Since the device is also a clock, it will have a customizable clock face and an alarm function that can wake you up using either music or video, as well. You'll also be able to use its four-inch display to play video and show content from iQiyi, Sogou, Tencent's QQ services and Sina. Whether it'll eventually support services and platforms from outside China like YouTube remains to be seen, since Xiaomi isn't even releasing it anytime soon. The device will enter open beta on February 28th, which means it'll take a long time before it launches in China, let alone worldwide.