'Pokémon Go' update gives Android gamers an AR portrait mode

Go Snapshot is now live for Android, but only for trainers Level 5 and above.

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Mariella Moon
February 21, 2019 8:22 AM

Earlier this month, Niantic promised a feature called "Go Snapshot" that would turn Pokémon Go into an AR photo machine. Now, the feature is live -- for Android devices, at least. You'll also have to be a Level 5 or above trainer to be able to be able to access Go Snapshot, so you may want to walk around and go capture monsters if you want to take a photoshoot with your favorite Pokémon.

While you can already take pictures of the monsters you see in the wild, this new feature gives you a way to take photos of Pokémon you've already captured with the real world as their backdrop. You only have to toss a Pokéball towards your chosen background -- you'll even be able to make your Pokémon pose to interact better with real-life objects. Or, you know, to find its cutest angle. Unfortunately, Niantic hasn't revealed a release date for iOS yet and has only advised "trainers on other devices" to "stay tuned."

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