Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology extends to wireless power

It's hoping to play nicely with Qi charging at the same time.

Qualcomm's Quick Charge tech has been falling behind the times -- it's focused on wired power at a time when wireless is in vogue. The company knows it's time to change, though. It's introducing a version of Quick Charge for wireless power that aims to speed up your cable-free top-ups. Charging pads (with matching chargers) that meet Qualcomm's guidelines should not only deliver electricity quickly, but in a "consistent and safety-conscious" fashion. You shouldn't have to worry that a pad is overheating your phone, or that it's not living up to its performance claims.

This isn't an attempt to usurp the Qi format. Qualcomm is making a point of ensuring interoperability so that a given charger will meet both the Quick Charge and Qi standards.

You won't have to wait long to see the first fruits of the wireless Quick Charge program. In fact, you might have already seen it -- Xiaomi is the first to roll out a qualifying pad. You'll have to wait longer to see others hop aboard, and this might not make you toss out your existing chargers. Still, it might be the key to normalizing fast wireless charging at a time when support can vary widely.