Google Docs' AI grammar checker rolls out to G Suite users

Machine learning can turn your 'there' into 'their.'

Google Docs' AI grammar suggestions are no longer limited to early adopters. The company is rolling out the machine learning tool for G Suite users, giving them an easier way to polish their reports. As Google outlined last year, this isn't a spelling checker with some grammar rules thrown in. The machine translation tech at the heart of the suggestions can detect nuances in grammar, whether it's a simple matter of word choice (like "their" versus "there") or the proper use of a subordinate clause.

There's no mention of when this will be widely available to everyday Google Docs users. Regardless of the timing, the expansion is a clear shot across Grammarly's bow. You won't need an extension or app to burnish your writing -- there will be a tool available to virtually anyone with a modern browser.