The Switch adds another comic book reader in Izneo

The app boasts a library of 25,000 titles including graphic novels and Manga.

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The Switch hasn't quite lived up to its tablet potential due to a severe lack of software outside of games, but it's surprisingly found a groove as a comic book e-reader. It's all thanks to Inky Pen -- a comic subscription that's currently exclusive to Switch -- and now Izneo, an app that specializes in graphic novels, Manga and Korean webtoons. It's already available on iOS and Android and (after a slight delay) arrives on Nintendo's console today, bringing with it a library of 25,000 comic books.

Like Inky Pen, Izneo is a niche service -- no DC and Marvel here -- that also charges $8 per month for its subscription pass, which gives you unlimited access to 1,500 comics spanning titles from Dark Horse and IDW to European publishers. And any comics not included in the premium plan you can shell out for individually.

Those who already have the Izneo iOS or Android app will see their collection synced across devices, so you can continue reading on your Switch what you started on your smartphone. Plus, you can download comics to browse offline and dock the console to read on your TV. Alas, a lack of touch controls mean you'll have to use the Joy-Cons to navigate the app.

Between Inky Pen and Izneo, Switch owners now have plenty of indies at their fingertips. (And, at this rate, maybe Comixology will give in and bring the mainstream fare, too.) Though it's still crazy that the console has two niche comic book apps and no Netflix.

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