Android 'Slices' start offering control over phone settings

They appear to be limited to Pixel phones right now.

Android's Slices have typically only offered shortcuts for functions in third-party apps (and then only in limited form), but they're now ready to control the phone itself. The team at 9to5Google has noticed that Slices are rolling out for device settings on Pixel phones using Android 9 Pie. If you want to turn on your Bluetooth or check your WiFi network, you can find a toggle through a search in the Google bar.

The feature appears to be rolling out as a server-side upgrade, and it's not certain just how quickly other devices will get Slices of their own. Thankfully, you won't need Pie to use Slices on a basic level. They should support Android releases as far back as KitKat, so it's likely just a matter of time before you can give this feature a spin.