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Pinterest's new tools turn it into more of a storefront

You'll likely see more product pins going forward.
Natee Meepian via Getty Images
Natee Meepian via Getty Images
Mariella Moon
Mariella Moon|@mariella_moon|March 4, 2019 8:00 AM

If you come across more and more product pins on Pinterest in the future, that's because the platform has rolled out tools that make it easier to sell goods. In fact, companies can now upload their full catalogs to the website, which can turn Pinterest into some sort of a storefront for various brands. The social network's new dashboard can easily create product pins from the items in companies' catalogs. It also gives them a way to organize their feed and make their posts easier to discover.

To make sure you end up visiting brands' catalogs, Pinterest is now allowing all businesses to post Shopping Ads straight from their feeds. It's also putting shopping recommendations based on the pins you've been saving in the "More Ideas" section. When you do view a product pin -- and you most likely will unless you actively avoid them -- you'll find a new dedicated section at the bottom that showcases items from that specific company. Clicking that section entitled "more from [brand name]" takes you to its catalog.


Pinterest first introduced buyable pins in 2015 and has since been expanding its retail features. In its quest to become a shopping destination and not just a place where you can create moodboards, it launched various tools over the past years, including visual search that lets you take photos of products you want to look for.

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Pinterest's new tools turn it into more of a storefront