Mitsubishi shows off the future of its plug-in hybrid SUV line

The design and powertrain might carry over to the next Outlander.

Mitsubishi just unveiled the burly Engelberg Tourer concept with a plug-in electric hybrid drivetrain. It boasts an all-electric range of 43 miles, making it a practical daily driver that can carry a lot of cargo, thanks to the size and very boxy shape. It's backed up by a 2.4 liter gas engine, making it practical for long trips or heading out to the ski lodge.

On top of the high-tech drivetrain, the Engelberg Tourer packs active yaw control and "super all-wheel control," which taps the brakes to finely control power to each wheel. Other than range, there's no word on power or performance, though it's obviously not a Ferrari. It's not a stretch to imagine Mitsubishi using the PHEV drivetrain on future models of its successful Outlander PHEV lineup, so you might one day see something like it parked next to a chalet near you.

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